I’d like to acknowledge the generosity and encouragement of many people:Douglas Lochhead, Rocky Ripley, George Woodburn, Janet Fotheringham, Meredith Fisher, Ron Corbett, Leslie Van Patter, Bryson Gilbert, Deanne Fitzpatrick, David Corkum, Dorothy Linkletter, Peter Mesheau, Cathy Fynn, Bill Evans, Chris Parker, Virgil Hammock, Gig and Joanie, Graham Watt, Karen Valanne and Live Bait Theatre, Darren Wheaton, Linda Dornan, Moneris Solutions, and my family – John, Kate, Leighan and Isabel.

Thanks everyone.—Janet

This project would not have been possible without the help and support of the following:






Producers Janet Crawford and Rocky Ripley
Recording Engineer Rocky Ripley
Mastering Ralf Cassidy Bindels at Grooving Farm Studio
Art Direction Leslie Van Patter
Cover Art Hooked Tapestry Towers on the Marsh 1 by Deanne Fitzpatrick
Landscape Photography David Corkum
Web Developer Bryson Gilbert

All songs are based on poems by Douglas Lochhead.
These poems can be found in the following books:

  • That Place By Tantramar Sackville, New Brunswick
    Poems by Douglas Lochhead published by the Town of Sackville 2007
  • Weathers – Poems New and Selected
    Published by Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, New Brunswick 2002
  • Tiger in the Skull – New and Selected Poems 1959-1985
    Published by Fiddlehead Poetry Books and Goose Lane Editions Ltd. 1986

Lochhead’s Landscapes (audio documentary CD)
Created and Produced by Janet Crawford
Music by Rocky Ripley
Mastered by Ralf Cassidy Bindel

Thanks to Douglas Lochhead