Bonus Track

The story behind the Bonus track.

As we were nearing the end of the production phase of this project, it occurred to me that although I was so lucky to have Ray playing on half of the songs, I didn’t really feel that the full nature of his talent was being demonstrated. I asked him if he would like to contribute a Bonus Track which really showcased his talent. As far as I was concerned, Ray was the ‘bonus’.

He refused on the grounds that this was my project and I should be showcased. Every so often I would raise the question again and each time I would get either the same answer or… no answer. Then one day while I was listening to one of his solo CDs, “Squirrely Moves” that had been released in 1999, I heard a song that was not only outstanding from a performance perspective but… it echoed many of the stylistic directions that we had taken on the project. I really thought it would fit into this project so well and would draw some attention to his remarkable ability.

Whether I just ‘wore him down’ or finally convinced him that this song ‘belonged’ on the CD… he finally agreed. Yahoo! So now we have a Bonus Track … and what a bonus!

“Panhandle Rag” was written in 1949 by Leon McAuliffe. Ray plays every instrument on this song, as well as recording and engineering it. I hope more people come to know and support his music.

To learn more about Ray Legere, and to purchase his recordings or see where he is currently performing, visit his web site or email him.

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