To little Ellis who has given renewed enthusiasm to every day, and to Isabel who provided the foundation for us all. To Garry MacLean for sharing his record collection with me. To Wilfred Hicks who always found the joy in the music. I would like to dedicate “Crazy” to my friend Marcie Fullerton who never tired of giving encouraging words.

Thank you
To Ray and Jill Legere, David Rogosin, Jean-Guy Grenier, Georges Hebert, Dylan Maddix, James Kalyn, Roger Williams, Linda Pearse, Ron Sims, Gerry Hannah, Jim Code, Berkeley Fleming, Karen Stentaford and Leslie Van Patter.

Thank you to all of my family, both near and far, for your support and encouragement – John, Leighan, Kate, Brock, Ellis, Joanie, and to my folks, Gig, Donnie and Jim (I miss you).

To Chris, Meredith, Cathy F, Floyd and Kathy. Friendships are golden.


To Danny and Kim Bowser, thank you for your generous support.

Oh – and did I say Ray Legere!

Janet Crawford: Co-Producer
Ray Legere: Co-Producer, Recording Engineer and Mastering
Unless otherwise stated, percussion, banjo, bass and horns are computer programmed by Ray Legere
Package and web site design by Leslie Van Patter
Cover Photography by Karen Stentaford