Linda Pearse

lindapearse_headshotLinda Pearse is recognized as a specialist in the exquisite musical repertoire of early seventeenth-century Italy. Pearse is Lecturer for Baroque trombone at Indiana University Bloomington, and Assistant Professor of Brass at Mount Allison University. She is the Artistic Director of the San Francisco Early Music Summer Baroque Workshop and is the artistic director of the award-winning ensemble ¡Sacabuche! Her critical edition of Seventeenth-Century Italian Motets with Trombone has been published with A-R Editions (April 2014).

I had the good fortune of working with Linda on a recording project with her classical ensemble ¡Sacabuche!. She is a committed musician and an exciting teacher and conductor. She readily agreed to help out on the song, Bridge Street, and I appreciate her encouragement very much. Thanks Linda for your contribution to this project.– Janet Crawford

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